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Your tattoos represent valuable investments in personal expression. It's essential to practice diligent before and aftercare to maintain their lasting beauty.

Tatted UPkeep has developed all-natural, organic, plant-based products that offer prolonged nourishment for both your skin and your tattoos.


There's no better moment than now to begin preparing for your new tattoo or caring for the tattoos you already cherish.

Tattoo Sleeve_edited.jpg


Whether you like color

Complex or Simple

Tatted UPkeep has you covered!

Our products bring every tattoo to the next level!

Next Level Moisturization  Next Level Vibrance  Next Level Awesome


M. Prince

I liked that it wasn't oily and it was long lasting. Did a good job healing. The 1st pic was an hour after it was tattooed on 6/23 and the second is on 8/13. 
M Prince After 8/13/23
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